Cover Fire Gun shooting Mod Fire

Guns are always a high position in the hearts of many gamers through different eras. The game brings a special feeling to those who love action thrills. It is not only fun but also a place for them to show off their skills. In the game market today, there are many shooters can be referred to as PUBG, Rule of Survival, … All require players to use gun skills and sensitivity when playing. If you are really passionate about this game, let’s go to Cover Fire: Gun shooting games.

Cover Fire (MOD, Currency/VIP 5)

Action Shooter and Sniper FPS

When you visit the game, the player will see immediately, the graphics have been refined and carefully designed. It is one of the scoring elements of this title in the player’s eyes. Regarding phone configuration, because it simulates 3D battlefields, the capacity is quite heavy and requires a quite good configuration to play the game.

Besides, the game is mobile offline so that you can play it anywhere and at any time. If you wear headphones, the experience will be more enjoyable by hearing the gun or the sound from the surroundings. All of them contribute to an exciting game. And the fact that the game is more than 10 million installs and is rated on the application store.

Cover Fire (MOD, Currency/VIP 5)

More than 20 hero

Secondly, on how to play, like the previous shooters, you will surely have to knock down the opponent, taking on missions to pass the screen. But there is another point in this game that you do not just play a role that you can try different positions like hackers, snipers, … You will have to use your shooting skills and the experience from the shooter you have played before. Performing tasks as lightly as possible causes less attention as possible.

Cover Fire (MOD, Currency/VIP 5)

Hundreds of different weapons

Choosing high-damage weapons, high stability is also the cause of our victory. All shooters are based on real guns so in this game you can find AWM for example. This makes us feel close to this game in particular and other shooters in general. Besides, the game has a lot of characters to choose from.

Everything is directed by the manufacturer to satisfy the player’s wishes. On the control, because the control on the phone is much more difficult than the main computer so game makers always focus on optimizing controls in the game so that players can experience the fullest as well as the most visible display of his skills. In the game, you will be the ruler of a riot so that you will face from powerful warriors to the most sophisticated weapons. You face at every level. That is the challenge for the players!

Cover Fire (MOD, Currency/VIP 5)

Graphics, sound

Very good! That is what can be said about the graphics and sound of this game. It is no coincidence that this game can reach over 1 million ratings with five stars on Google Play. These are the efforts of the developer to give players the best experience.

Cover Fire Gun shooting Mod Fire 1

The 3D graphics of the game will not disappoint. Clothes, guns, and other weapons are meticulously drawn. Give players a real fighting atmosphere. Cover Fire must have attracted you somewhat. Let’s revitalize this skill as well as a gaming experience. Everything is waiting for you. Please install and become a “monster” in this game.